November 2016

Context-free Friday: coquettish reflections

M. J. Magee - Friday, the 25th of November, 2016
Cuthbert looked at the mirror, though it was almost more frame than mirror, with a fussy whorl of curls and flowers spreading around the edges.

A young man stood in the middle of the frame.

A dashing young man.

He had smouldering eyes and near chiselled features and, undoubtedly, minty-fresh breath. He waggled his eyebrows at Cuthbert. Cuthbert turned away, giggling coquettishly.
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Context-free Friday: the dragons have the gold…

M. J. Magee - Friday, the 18th of November, 2016
'Where am I meant to find 5,000 gold pieces?' Cuthbert asked, exasperated.

Dave sighed. 'You know,' he said, 'some people aren't made to be heroes. And if you put a sword in their hand anyway and tell them where the dragons are who need stabbing, you're only...'

His face turned green.

'Well, you're only making dog chow.'

'So the dragons have the gold...' Cuthbert murmured, already formulating a plan.
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Context-free Friday: technically it’s still below decks. Technically

M. J. Magee - Friday, the 11th of November, 2016
Stepping carefully over the cracked and burst wood that had previously been the stairs, Cuthbert teetered and tottered his way to the below decks.

It was still technically below decks, he supposed, though the amount of deck it was below had been drastically reduced. It was far less above water than he remembered it, though. He waded in the direction he thought his quarters had been in. It was hard to judge with so little of the ship left.
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Context-free Friday: deep and primal instinct

M. J. Magee - Friday, the 4th of November, 2016
There is something in the human nature - some deep, primal instinct, some knowledge from the cave times - that sees something dangerous and repulses at it.

It's what has helped mankind survived, stopped them trying to house-train sabre-toothed tigers, stopped them putting poisonous things in their mouths.

Cuthbert wasn't certain the hideous pink lamp could be considered dangerous - unless it was to good taste and housekeeping - but it was definitely repulsive. He had no desire whatsoever to put it in his mouth.
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