The best laid plans of programmers and artists

M. J. Magee - Saturday, the 17th of October, 2015

There’s a saying about the best laid plans… Hmm, maybe I should have planned this post better and googled it.

L. Whyte and I decided at the beginning of this (overwhelmingly large) project that she’d create her (overwhelmingly beautiful) artwork in vectors and pass it on to me in a scalable vector graphic (SVG) format, which can be scaled up and down to fit any screen size or device without losing image quality.…

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L. Whyte: Drawer-of-Things, Destroyer-of-Netflix

M. J. Magee - Tuesday, the 1st of September, 2015

Cuthbert is, by its very definition, a massive project to take on.


Noun. A massive project to take on.


It’s big and over-complicated and… that’s sort of the point. I wouldn’t want to water it down. But it can be daunting and, after I’ve spent all day coding at work, it can be tough to summon the energy to do so much more coding.…

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