August 2017

Stop the blog, I want to get off

M. J. Magee - Saturday, the 26th of August, 2017
She hmmed. And, when that didn't seem to get her anywhere, she drawled, 'I seeeeee...'

If it isn’t obvious from the sheer number of Context-free Friday posts vs… any other posts, any at all, I’ve ground to a halt on Cuthbert lately.

I still want to make it – and I will (erm, eventually) – but between the wedding, and work, and wanting to occasionally spend time with the person I’m marrying, Cuthbert is well and truly on the back-burner, and I think it’s going to stay there until I have some proper time to sit down and finish refactoring the never-ending refactor.…

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Context-free Friday: you never need to ask if people want to super-size their McPottage meals

M. J. Magee - Friday, the 18th of August, 2017
'Do you have any questions?' the man with the clipboard asked. He spoke disinterestedly, as if no one could have questions and he knew it was silly to even ask. It reminded Cuthbert of the way the person at McPottage always unnecessarily asked people if they wanted to super-size their pottage, though they already knew the answer - no, not ever.
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