Game design

Inventing an inventory

M. J. Magee - Thursday, the 31st of December, 2015

It’s Christmas and – as per the law – I have been overindulging in mince pies and underindulging in everything else.

The production of Cuthbert has slowed the past few weeks; my free time has been taken up visiting family and acting as a guinea pig for my five year old niece’s, erm, enthusiastic beautician work.…

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A salesman, by any other name, would BS as much

M. J. Magee - Saturday, the 3rd of October, 2015

In fairy tales, characters rarely have names. Who they are isn’t as important as what they are – jealous step-mothers, kind-hearted wives of ogres, dim-witted butter-under-their-hat-wearers…

That’s what drives the story to its end.

Its inevitable, gory, eyes-gouged-out-by-birds end.

Birds - ending every fairy tale happily ever after since 1697. Spoiler: every single fairy tale ever written.

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Bad UX in a puzzle game

M. J. Magee - Sunday, the 13th of September, 2015

When I’m working on something like the front-end design of the game – something that doesn’t require I sit hunched over my laptop with my head clutched in my hands, muttering, ‘Why? Why?’, or gently weeping – I like to put on some TV as background noise.…

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