Not so much an update as an update on why no updates…?

How do you keep eating when you’ve bitten off more than you can chew…?

M. J. Magee - Thursday, the 16th of February, 2017

Or, at least, quash the urge to discreetly spit into a napkin?

I’ve been really struggling with Cuthbert lately. Not with any particular problem on Cuthbert, just summoning the will to work on it at all.

I’ve spoken about this before – how, in choosing to do this hard slog of refactoring, I’ve effectively set the progress of the whole game sprawling backwards.…

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Refactoring the refactoring

M. J. Magee - Friday, the 4th of March, 2016

Now that we’ve – more or less – moved into our new flat (complete with floors! And electricity!), I’m managing to scrounge some time back from frantically organising a house move to… well, it’s more frantic organising, really, but less of my furniture is being scratched this time.…

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And then it exploded…

M. J. Magee - Friday, the 22nd of January, 2016

I promised myself when I started this blog that I’d never spend a week not working on Cuthbert then post excuses about it. But I think I’m going to let myself break that promise just now.

This is my flat.

We’ve had some problems with it for the past sixteen months or so which have just gotten steadily worse and worse – damp in the walls, the wood floors rising.…

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