Mani pedis and pity party sundaes

Context-free Friday: ain’t no party like a pity party because a pity party has sundaes. And mani pedis.

M. J. Magee - Friday, the 29th of July, 2016
'I've been looking but I can't see anything,' Cuthbert grumbled. 'Let's call it a day and treat ourselves to a pity party sundae.'

The other man didn't squeal, like Cuthbert had expected him to. In fact, he didn't react at all. He just stared. 'I need that lamp,' he intoned. His voice was low and gravelly, and he spoke slowly as if he was talking to a small, young, particularly stupid child. 'Fetch - me - that - lamp.'

'We could get maaani peeedis,' Cuthbert called in a singsong voice.

The other man didn't gush. Not even a little.
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