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Context-free Friday: the treasure of the giants

M. J. Magee - Friday, the 24th of June, 2016

I spent a little time this week, while I was waiting for code to compile and interviews to be organised and sobs to stop heaving chests, to organise my massive all-of-the-Cuthbert-documents-ever folder; it’s a messy, haphazard collection that’s built up over the years – ideas that have struck me at three am, jokes I wanted to write down before I forgot them, scenes I’ve composed on long train journeys, slowly getting whole carriages to myself as I cackled and snorted and shrieked at my own illegible scrawls like a madwoman… The usual sort of thing.…

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Throwback Thursday: the princess, the dog, and the crowd-pleasing comic relief

M. J. Magee - Thursday, the 17th of September, 2015

Back in primary school (think elementary school but with painfully blue uniforms and unintelligible accents), I decided I was going to write A Play.

Nicole, who would have been my BFF had sassy acronyms been invented in the nineties, but was instead relegated to the role of mere ‘best friend’, had been reading Diana Wynne Jones and instead of running through our usual playground favourites – She-Ra and Swift Wind battling across Etheria, Crysta and Zach saving Fern Gully, Peach and Mario doing something so unrelated to Super Mario Bros that I’m still uncertain why I dedicated so much of my free time to imagining myself as a paunchy, hairy faced plumber – she wanted to play out an adventure in a medieval fantasy world.…

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