Context-free Friday: nakedly facing the naked face

Friday, the 5th of August, 2016

Context-free Friday: it’ll only get you killed…

Friday, the 5th of August, 2016

News (the exciting kind)

Friday, the 5th of August, 2016

After my company had to make lay-offs and I lost my job, I was pretty… well, snotty and devastated and crying like I was constantly living through the climax of a gritty war drama. Actually, the word ‘pretty’ doesn’t apply.

It was very sudden news and very shocking. As well as absolutely not being in the mood to write a ridiculous and irrelevant game, it was hard not to panic about money and the future and what to do next.

Except for my friend and co-worker Unflappable Andy. He works on an app in his spare time and he took losing his job as an opportunity to go full-time on it, to work on his passion project, at least for a while, as his main job.

It was amazing to see someone take bad news and dig through it for a silver lining, and I wondered if I could do the same thing. Then I realised no one would be crazy enough to pay me to make Cuthbert when I’ve entirely renounced my deadline and am yet to release a demo.

But I wondered if someone would be crazy enough to pay me to work four days a week instead of five, leaving one guaranteed day of head-down time on Cuthbert. And someone was.

Ladies and gentlemen – I’m mostly-full-but-sort-of-part-time employed.