Context-free Friday: causes worth going to jail for

Thursday, the 8th of December, 2016

Context-free Friday: jerks…

Thursday, the 8th of December, 2016

Well. That didn’t quite go according to plan…

Thursday, the 8th of December, 2016

So. 2016 has struck again. I set out to tackle NaNoWriMo, I really did. I had the best intentions. Look at that graph hitting target trajectory two whole days running.

But. Then I began interviewing for a new job.

I feel like that explanation should be enough for any coders out there. If you’re not a coder, let me just say that interviewing for a new coding job tends to be more involved than making a list of weaknesses-that-you-can-portray-as-strengths-really and ironing a shirt. Though goodness knows I have trouble enough with that.

Eye… ron…? Adobe Stock

As a coder, you have to prove you can, well, code. A lot. Making different, working prototypes for different businesses. As a designer, you have to prove you can design, going over user experience problems and suggestions for improving them.

And you have to iron.

It’s not a fast process and it eats up a lot of time – especially when you’re doing it on top of a full-time job. And Christmas shopping. And watching Gilmore Girls. Ahem.

Just you try saying no to these awkwardly posed faces. Netflix

So, I’m afraid Cuthbert wound up taking a back-seat this past month, and with Christmas looming large in all its how-can-I-still-have-this-many-people-to-buy-presents-for-oh-crap-oh-crap glory, a new job in the new year, and a DIY wedding that has managed to sneak from dude-it’s-cool-we-have-way-over-a-year to what?!-what-do-you-mean?!-how-can-we-have-less-than-a-year?! without my noticing, it isn’t likely to ride shotgun all that much in the near future. But. I’m still working four days a week, and I’m still working on some pretty grand plans.

Just… After I hot glue all these boutineers.